3 Crystal Vases Cut Glass Vintage Etched Flower Vases Mixed Set Star of David


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This is for 3 Vintage Cut crystal vases that are highly decorated with fans, Stars of David, pinwheels to flowers. Some are footed, have a sawtooth or notched edge.
These measure between 6.25 inches tall x 4.5 inches diameter
to 9 inches tall x 5.25 inches diameter. These all are in perfect condition to use for perhaps fresh flowers to just display to see the brilliant cuts!

Majority of my items for sale are pre-loved treasures that were most likely purchased at a local Estate Sale or a local resale shop in Arizona. I may or may not know details but do spend time researching information to provide details the best I can and to pass along fair prices.

* I take all my own pictures in my home and as such try and get all the colors as true to correct as possible. Please let me know if need any addition pictures or clarification on the pictures I have posted.

* The items in the pictures are the exact item you will be receiving, unless I have multiple of the same item and the quality will be the exact same as the ones pictured.

* I take great care in packaging items correctly and shipping on time. I show any imperfections I can in the pictures.

* Assume items are preloved and or vintage and such can have its own idiosyncrasies due to age alone and normal wear and tear. I will state if an item is brand new and or un-used!

* Please contact me if you have specific questions.

* I STRONGLY believe in reusing and repurposing of mailing materials, thus your item maybe packed in a previously used box and/or wrapped with previously used materials. Please let me know if it a present and I will make sure to use new packing materials.

Thank you for looking!!


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